Killerwhale silver bracelet

Reg Davidson, 1992

Reg Davidson was trained by his brother Robert davidson.  Reg worked under Roberts guidance for many years in the 1990’s.  Robert taught him engraving techniques, while he apprentice with him on totem pole carving.  This bracelet made in 1991 appears to have skill work of the older brother.  The blowhole features two creatures coming out a Raven and a Hummingbird.  The entire bracelet is so well defined and designed with elegant lines and balanced design, it is flawless.

Hand engraved silver

Size:2″x 7”

Price: $10,000.00 CAD / $8,466 USD

USD $6,924.35

Reg Davidson was born in 1954 at the Haida village of Masset on the Queen Charlotte Islands of British Columbia. His parents are Claude and Vivian Davidson and, through Claude, he is the grandson of the Haida artist and memoirist Florence Davidson. He is a member of the Eagle moiety, Ts’ał’lanas lineage. He began carving argillite in 1972 and became apprenticed to his older brother, the carver Robert Davidson, during the carving of a housefront and house posts in honor of their grandmother Florence Davidson’s father Charles Edenshaw in 1977 and 1978.

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