Ravens tail woven Tunic

Kay Walters, 2004

Ravens Tail is a traditional and unique weaving style indigenous to Tlinget, Tsimpsean and Haida people of Alaska and British Columbia.  It is a geometric skip stitch pattern weave of hand spun wool fibre with a warp and weft base.  This piece is the lightning pattern and the same pattern is woven on the full back the white field is a beautiful subtle skip stitch pattern creating diamond shapes or we call it spider web pattern.  The long tunic vest is fringed with the warp and gold bead on the tassels and bordered with abalone buttons, the sides are finished open with woven tassels as closures to fit any size 8 to 16.  The collar is trimmed with sea otter fur.  This garment is handwoven and unisex style. Woven by Kay Parker

Size 8-16

Length 36″ width 36″

USD $10,390.34

Hand spun wool, gold beads, abalone shell, sea otter

36 x 22”


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