Wolf and Raven Glass Bent box

Alano Edzerza, 2006

Glass, Oak, Metal, Light coil


A very contemporary spin in sandblasted glass reflection of  a cedar bent-wood box.  this piece with the LED lighted coil can light up your room at night, casting a soft light.

It has a platform of glass on top of the oak top.

USD $6,308.42

Alano Edzerza was born into the Ganhada tribe during 1981 in Victoria, British Columbia. He was involved with art from a young age, as his family was involved in the art world. Edzerza attended the Victoria School Aboard, where he won his first sculpture award at the age of thirteen. After this, he continued to work on his artwork and began exhibiting his work, while working in Northwest Coast art under the supervision of his family member, Terrance Campbell. He continued his career until he was able to present his own artwork to the public by designing art accessories for the people. Edzerza has worked with organizations such as the Knowledgeable Aboriginal Youth Association (KAYA), where he teaches art to youth. Edzerza currently lives in North Vancouver.

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